Hello, everyone! Hope you’re all fine :) Just dropping by to give you some relevant news:

New skin and hosting: hello, GitLab!

You may not have known this, but this devlog was previously hosted on GitHub Pages, a static web-hosting service provided by GitHub. However, since news of Microsoft acquiring GitHub, I’ve decided to move to GitLab Pages.

Yesterday we had a couple of downtime hours, the time it took me to figure things out, but now the blog should go off without a hitch!

Bonus: we have a new skin, an adapted version of GitLab’s Jekyll example blog. I quite like it, and I’ll further customise it along the way.

Bonus 2: the devlog’s newsfeed now actually works. It had been inoperative for a while, but I kept forgetting to fix it. Whoops.

Source code released: Monster Embassy git repo

On the other hand, big news: I’ve just opened a public repository for Monster Embassy! So you’ll be able to track my progress if you wish. You can even clone the repo, open the project in Godot and see how it plays (spoiler: not much at all, yet :P Right now it’s just a messy contentless prototype) However, if you wish to do so you’ll have to use a compiled “nightly” version of Godot 3.1, because the project won’t load with the stable 3.0.x versions.

You may find the repository here: https://gitlab.com/alforiumstudios/monsterembassy.

Also, for you coders out there: forgive me for all the spaghetti, please! I’m not a professional programmer by any means, but Godot makes it easy to get the job done :D

Since Monster Embassy is a single-person project, opening a public repo is not meant to be a way for other people to contribute code (well… you can make your own fork, I guess, but there isn’t much of a point yet), but to 1) keep track of my progress, 2) make backups and manage versions, 3) show that I’m actually doing something, and 4) motivate me to stick to a schecule. Also, further down the road, when the game is actually playable, this repo could be a good way for people to inform me about bugs and stuff.

The repository will eventually include not only the game code, but also the source files for the music, graphics and so on.

Well, that’s all for today. Thank you for reading and until the next time!