Hello, everyone! How do you do?

This month I have mostly focused on fixing bugs and doing some grunt work that I had been putting off for a while. I’m also currently working on the inventory system.

Want to know more? Keep reading!


  • I’ve created a GitLab repo for the game! You can find it here: Monster Embassy GitLab repo. It includes the game’s source code, as well as the source files of the game ost and some promotional material. The repo is public, but privately I’m also using it to keep track of issues and make to-do lists, and it’s really handy!


  • I’m currently working on the inventory system. The menu is half-way done, but items have no effects yet.. Here you have some screenshots of my progress (if you’re an English speaker, remember that the game will be available in English, so don’t mind the language of the screens!):

screenshot screenshot

  • I’ve fixed the access to the main menu from the element menu, which was previously broken. A specific music plays when you open this menu; when it’s closed, the current map’s theme starts playing from where it left off.


  • I’ve also actually finished the element selection menu: now, depending on the elements selected, the game will calculate and display the proper spell data (name and required energy):


  • I’ve made some tweaks to sound effects: I fixed their volumes (they were too high in some cases) and I added a sound effect that plays when you’re swimming.

  • Not entirely related to the game in itself, but pretty important anyway: I made some cover art for the project! You can find the original uncompressed file on the project’s GitLab repo or you can find it on Artstation.


Fixed bugs

  • I’ve finally, finally fixed the bug that affected the bottom-right corner HUD window. In the end it was a pretty silly mistake. I was checking for coordinates all the time, even when the player was moving, and that’s why the calculations sometimes failed. Now the available action is only calculated when the player isn’t moving, so it’s 100% accurate to the last pixel.

Known bugs to fix

  • There’s some issues with indoor maps. I don’t think the map grid is refreshed properly, or something. Will need to look into it.
  • Related to the previous one: light sources don’t update when you enter an indoor map. So, for example, if you’re in a room with a lamp, and you enter an indoor map, the light of the lamp will stay in the same place, even if the indoor map has no lamp. Should be an easy fix, I just have to find where the issue is exactly, which is getting harder as the codebase increases.

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll be back next month with more news and, hopefully, a working inventory system. Until the next time,