Hello everyone!

I don’t have a big update this week, but things do keep advancing: slowly but awesomely!

What I’ve done this week

  • I’ve finished a working prototype of the episode start menu, that is, the menu that appears when an episode/chapter of the game begins. Now the menu displays the following info: episode number, episode title, available in-game time to finish the episode, starting time (e. g., 8:00 PM), a short description of the episode and a little icon that shows whether the episode starts at day or at night. The data is taken from a json database.


A similar menu will be displayed at the end of the episode and will show you some gameplay info, such as the time it took to finish, the number of items you found, etc. But I’ll work on that later on.

Current to-do list (the things on top are the ones I’ll do first)

  • Fully implement the clock countdown system.
  • Add a system that detects whether the player is standing on a “water tile” or not, and changes the player animation to swimming instead of walking (this is important, since at some point I’ll add the option to dive underwater and enter underwater maps).
  • Add a game over event when your health drops to 0 or the clock reaches the max available time.
  • Implement an inventory system and take the relevant data from a json database.
  • Fully implement the food system, with a limitation on how much food you can consume on every chapter.
  • Add random drops when you destroy obstacles and take the relevant data from a json database.
  • Fully implement the day-night system (with graphical changes! Palette, tiles…).
  • Implement a savefile system with encrypted files.
  • Add a system to save several game stats to the savefile (time it took to finish every episode, items found, etc.). Also include a scene in-game to be able to check those stats, and another scene that runs when you finish every episode and displays that particular episode’s stats.
  • Create an actual config menu.
  • Add custom keybindings.

Fixed bugs

  • This week I spent quite a while fixing bugs on the indoor map system that I hadn’t noticed before. There’s still a small issue to fix, but hopefully it won’t take long.

Known bugs to fix

  • The icons at the bottom-right corner of the screen change depending on the action that you can perform at every time: talk, warp, use spell, etc. However, sometimes these icons don’t refresh properly and the wrong icon is displayed. It’s not a gamebreaking bug, but I’ll need to look into it sooner or later.

That’s all, folks! Thank you for reading and until the next time,